Thanksgiving 2021

Today we had our Thanksgiving dinner as is our tradition. It gives us a chance to recover the next day without having to be at work or school.

I put the turkey in at 8 this morning because I wanted to make sure it was cooked in enough time for Miranda to eat with us and digest everything before going to work tonight. Stuffing was put together last night and the desserts were made yesterday afternoon (pumpkin pie, pumpkin tarts and pumpkin cheesecake bars). It’s pumpkin-tastic! We had some cubed sweet potatoes with sprouts, corn, and carrots. Of course we had gravy and cranberry sauce. We had some diet cranberry gingerale with our meal and darjeeling tea with dessert. Even Murph got some turkey and sprouts.

Before lunch, I managed to get in a 14km bike ride on the trainer while watching Perry Mason and Simon followed with short ride of his own. Everything turned out just great, except the weather. It went from hail to rain to snow all with a gale force wind within a couple of hours.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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