12 Days of Christmas at Columbia College

Back on November 26th an email came around notifying us of a Christmas tradition Columbia College has at their annual party. Since COVID has killed most staff parties, this year the President of the college and his wife gave out boxes of choices and a lottery ticket. The theme was The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways. Every day for the first 12 work days, a series of number would be drawn and the winners would get a gift. So far I have seen huge cedar wreaths, poinsettias, and gift bags as prizes (they posted some pictures in the emails).

Today my number was chosen. I never win these things; I was just happy to have the chocolates. I went in after work to pick up my prize. Originally it was a poinsettia, but I explained about having a cat (I hate seeming ungrateful, but I hoped someone else could have it who could really enjoy it) and it was exchanged for a gift bag. It was from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company. Thank you Dr. Snell and Columbia College.

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