A Wintry Week

The weather has been depressing this week. Not as depressing as the huge dump of snow in Winnipeg, but depressing. The cold weather that blew into Canada last week left us with days of very light snow and -10 temperatures this week. Considering how it seemed that cycling season was kicking off in the mild weeks before, it was a shock to the system. The salt in the wound was that the last warm day (Friday last week) was 18 degrees… but with sustained 40 km/h winds. Not exactly conducive to getting out on the bike.

Last weekend, Ian and Josh had tried to play Minecraft Java Edition over the Internet, and failed. It was a good opportunity to teach Ian about how Internet addresses work, and I followed up by setting up a Minecraft server on the Mini-13 computer downstairs. They have been playing on it quite a bit this week.

It’s now the Easter long weekend. Yesterday, I did a very long (6 hour) Zwift ride to “check off” the Uber Pretzel route, the longest and hardest in Watopia. Afterwards, Ian and I sat down to watch Alien. Miranda’s seen it before but not Ian. A couple years ago, she’d asked if we could watch a scary movie, and that’s the movie I chose. Maybe later this weekend we’ll watch Aliens. Today, Ian is off to Josh’s birthday party. They will be playing paintball at a place north-west of Cochrane. It’s supposed to get up to 3 degrees today, but it’s still going to be a chilly experience, I think. We will be colouring some eggs today in preparation for tomorrow. Miranda’s still working Friday to Sunday evenings at the ice cream shop. We had a bit of a scare this week when her co-worker Harlan tested positive, but Miranda’s still negative and no symptoms.


Here are our eggs!