Almost Halloween

Where did October go? It seems like Ian and I were in Victoria just yesterday. But no, time marches on. I’ve been super-busy with a project for Environment and Climate Change Canada, as well as managing the club’s transition from outdoor riding to indoor.

Yesterday (Wednesday) night, I ran a Zwift orientation night at Bow Cycle. That was the first time in two years, because we didn’t run it in the first year of the pandemic. This year everyone was masked and likely vaccinated so we made it happen.

Ian’s continuing to grow. He’s pretty moody right now. A weird combination of bored and yet not wanting to do any of the things we suggest. Came to a head last night when I asked him to play ping pong with me and he just went straight into the bathroom and shut the door. He’s still being a good kid and doing well at school and doing his chores. Just a phase I guess. I’ll be super curious to see how tall he is on Miranda’s birthday (that’s when we traditionally measure them: on their birthdays).

Miranda’s got tons of homework these days. She just came down here and showed me her necklace that she made, though. It’s made to look like her head has been sewn back on. It’s really good. I’ll get a pic of it tomorrow. She’s been working 2-3 shifts per week at Abbey’s. She was scheduled for tomorrow night, but it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, so Abbey got in touch and gave Miranda the night off.

Yes, it’s supposed to snow. Probably won’t stick around, but Halloween might be cold and either snowy or wet. We’ve got our candy to hand out and a big pumpkin to carve. I’ll set up the candy slide again this year. Need to find where we packed the spider away at last year. I liked the spiderweb.

And then Nanowrimo is around the corner. What literary mayhem will ensue?


Here’s Miranda’s necklace.

Hope her head doesn’t fall off

2 thoughts on “Almost Halloween

  1. I should probably mention that part of what’s bugging Ian is he damaged his phone… twice. He has been really good with his technology from a young age, but first he dropped his phone in water (which shouldn’t have damaged it… but it borked a corner of the screen) and then he dropped it and made a scratch in the screen. I think that really bugged him in an obsessive way.

  2. Time waits for no one. Ians in the phase of not being too sure.Mirandas necklace sure looks good…

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