Graduation Banquet

On Friday I went to the graduation banquet at the BMO centre from 17:30 to 23:00. I had a good time and was able to talk to and take pictures with friends over the course of the night. There was a buffet-style dinner at the beginning, followed by videos, speeches, and dancing. The hall was larger than I expected but there were more than 700 people there so it wasn’t entirely unexpected. Of the whole event, getting a chance to talk to friends outside of school was the most fun. I ran into one friend before the banquet who I don’t get to see much since they’re part of theatre production and not in IB. We ended up matching in colour which was completely unplanned but amazing. Also managed to wear dinosaur earrings with my outfit. Overall, it was a good time even if the music was really loud.

Banquet Hall

Slow roast beef sirloin, wild mushroom tortellini, broccoli and grape salad, and wild rice salad.

Strawberry shortcake

Hana, Gwyneth, Shahrzad, [me] and Coco

Coco, [me] and Shahrzad

Gwyneth, Emily, Coco, [me] and Shahrzad

YODA Ceremony & Zoo

Yesterday, I attended the YODA (Youth of Distinction Award) ceremony with mom at the Calgary Zoo. The event was organized by Youth Central, a Calgary-based organization that works to empower youth. Of the 9 categories, I was nominated by one of my Earth Guardians group members for the environmental award and was one of the three finalists. The ceremony was fancier than I expected with quality coffee and food at the brunch provided. I didn’t win but it was still a lot of fun (I also got a goodie bag with a gift card to my workplace amongst other things). After the event was over, we were able to walk around the zoo before we had to leave to get me to work. We had a good time seeing all the animals and wandering around before we left.

Penguin video


Here’s a video introducing the nominees.

Father’s Day 2021

I have been coerced into writing the post for today, so enjoy.

Started off as every Sunday does, with dad and I waking up at 6:30am followed by mom and Ian waking up within the next 2 hours. Dad read cards and opened gifts at breakfast while Murphy played with the tissue paper [see images below].


After breakfast, dad went for a bike ride, I did chores, and mom prepared food (I do not know what Ian was doing and he isn’t here so I can’t ask). We had lunch when he got back which consisted of wings, corn of the cob, and caesar salad. For dessert, we got a Toblerone ice cream cake from a store near BowCycle. That’s about all that happened with relation to Father’s Day. The rest of the story consists of playing Minecraft, eating hot dogs, and watching TV.

Completely unrelated to Father’s Day: My Earth Guardians group are putting together an art project to share on our Instagram account for Pollinator Week (June 21-27). Each member of our group chose a pollinator category to research facts about and either take a picture of or create an art piece for. I chose birds as my category and created an embroidery piece:

My researched written piece:

    There are 2 000 species of birds worldwide that are crucial pollinators of flowering plants. Flowers that attract them are often tubular in shape, strong enough to support a bird, and open during the day. Birds are also attracted to bright red, orange, and yellow flowers for 2 main reasons: 1) they can see these colours and 2) bees can’t, which prevents interspecific competition. Hummingbirds, spiderhunters, and sunbirds are some of the most common pollinators. The bird I have embroidered above is a male Rufous Hummingbird.
Fun facts:

  • Male Rufous Hummingbirds are described as glowing in the correct light due to the bright feathers of the body and the iridescent feathers of the throat.
  • Pollination of flowering plants by birds is called ornithophily.
  • The smallest pollinating bird in the world is the Bee Hummingbird which weighs less than a dime.

That’s all I have for today. Happy Father’s Day, dad!

First Time Donating Blood

Finally got around to creating a Canadian Blood Services account at lunch today. I wanted to donate soon after turning 17, but they were booked through January and February. At around 6, mom and I went down to the Calgary Shrine Event Centre and gave blood. It was a successful outing and my donor card will arrive in 6-8 weeks (and I’ll know what my blood type is). Highly recommend it (you get free snacks and drinks).

After donating blood

Got a sticker

Bubble Tea

As many already know, I have been making bubble tea recently. I learned how to make it a few months ago but I didn’t make it very often because we had the wrong type of tapioca (the type that took a full day to cook). A few weeks ago though, mom found an instant black pearl pack on amazon. This is the kind used at bubble tea shops. As advertised, it takes considerably less time to make than the other. So I learned how to make bubble tea with brown sugar syrup, got some reusable bubble tea straws, and found different recipes to try.

I’ve tried the following flavours: brown sugar, matcha, banana, blackberry, coconut, and double spice chai

Inkt-tober 2020

Inkt-tober (drawloween, artober, goretober…) is a month long art challenge for October intended to improve art skills and have fun. This was my first year trying to complete a prompt list and I chose to use the one my friend Jiya used and shared with me. The amount of time spent and the quality of my drawing is directly connected to my exhaustion and inspiration levels on that day. Gonna see if I can fit 31 pictures in one post. (in order from 1-31)(I think)

It All Started with the Slugs

It was warm enough yesterday that Ian and I slept in the tent in the backyard. Before I got into the tent I noticed that there was a slug inside (we don’t see slugs very often and I was very excited). I picked it up and showed mom & dad, then went back outside to put it down on a leaf when I found another on the stone stairs. This one was about twice as big as the one I just put down and was, therefore, twice as cool. I brought this one inside on a leaf to show my parents and then washed my hands with salt.

I thought that it was just luck that I found two slugs, but this was not the case. When I woke up at 6 am it was a bit chilly and there was still morning dew on the grass; however, this is when I noticed that there were slugs all over the outside of the tent. I eventually got up to go back inside because it was just a little too cold for going back to sleep.

About two hours later, after a continuation of my sleep and a blueberry bagel, I went back outside to find slugs. There were a lot of slugs. Dad/mom found an article while I was asleep that explained that, because we’ve had so much rain this summer the slug population has exploded (Slug fest: wet summer creates slimy problem for Alberta gardeners). Now that I was awake and had good light, I took pictures of the slugs.

Later that morning I took Murph out into the front lawn (where he proceeded to chew on grass). While I was sitting on the lawn pulling grass out of his mouth a dragonfly came and landed on a flower in the bush next to me. So I wrapped Murph’s leash around my arm and pulled my phone out. I ended up getting some pretty good pictures until Murph pulled me over to the next bunch of flowers🌼.

After bringing (carrying) Murph back inside I went into the backyard where mom & dad were eating corn muffins with jam. After eating a muffin I grabbed my phone and took pictures of flowers. (I have no idea what type of flowers these are)

After I ran out of flowers that I could reach, I started looking for bugs. There were wasps everywhere (but I’m not getting close to those jerks) and I found spiders easily enough🕷. None of my spider pictures were very good because I refused to get within two inches of them after one displayed its gold medalist sprinting speed. In the end I took pictures of the third most common bug in our backyard: bees. I got pictures of honey bees and our giant casserole bumble bees🐝.

Ta-dah      [All pictures were taken before lunch]

I tried to take a picture of the wolf spider that lives in the basement, but the lighting is terrible down there.


Diy Mask #3

Finished making a new mask last night and I’m rather proud of how it turned out. This one is an album cover that I painted on using fabric paint. I was able to use a paintbrush and apply thin layers when painting this one because the fabric is lighter than the paint colours I was using (unlike my kid loki mask). The album I painted on it is Love Run by The Amazing Devil and the original is actually supposed to be upside down, but people (dad) would keep telling me I have it on upside down.

Instruction video for the mask:



Original album cover

Zoology Art (+ Pride)

Hello 👋  It’s been a while since my last post but I’ve drawn 3 art pieces this month that I want to share.

On the first day of pride month I drew a picture that was inspired by some lyrics.

“You’re not flawed darling, [you’re] just a little under-rehearsed”
-Marbles by The Amazing Devil

Then just a few days later I found inspiration for another project. I can’t recall exactly what I was doing at the time (pretty sure I was watching a documentary) but I’ve most recently discovered a passion for zoology. I decided that I wanted to draw various creatures and post them online with facts that I researched (because I’m a nerd).

The first creature I drew was the Black Sea Nettle (Chrysaora achlyos). The bell can grow to be up to 1 meter in diameter and the oral arms (tentacles) can grow to be 5-6 meters long.

Left: Scanned (washed out the colours)
Right: Image

Image I based it off of:
G, J. (2009, January 19). DSC26401, Black Sea Nettle (“Chrysaora Achlyos”), Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California, USA [Digital image]. Retrieved June 03, 2020, from here

After my jellyfish was successful I went in search of another creature to draw. I chose the Toco Toucan or Common Toucan (Ramphastos toco). It is the largest species of toucan and the bill can be 30-50% of its body surface area.

Original sketch

Scanned vers.

Image vers.

Image I based 1 off of: Sharp, C. J. (2015). In flight Rio Negro, the Pantanal, Brazil [Digital image]. Retrieved June 05, 2020, from here

Image I based 1 off of: Seventh Heaven Photography – (Fauna). (2016, January 4). Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco) [Digital image]. Retrieved June 05, 2020, from here

Ta-dah! I haven’t decided what creature I will draw next but the week is young and summer vacation approaches. That’s all for now. This was a relatively long post so have a picture of Murph for your troubles:

Murphy’s 4th Birthday!!!🎉

Today was Murphy’s fourth birthday and his first birthday celebrated with us. He got most of the day to himself due to everyone being at school/working.

Birthday boy

Mom made a sour cream chocolate cake with caramel cream cheese icing and Skor bits on top for his birthday.🎂 He had a late supper so he was more interested in his food than the cake.

We got him a harness and a leash so we can try bringing him outside on the deck He also loves playing with the tissue paper that his presents were wrapped in.🎁

Murphy with his presents

Happy Birthday, Murph!!🎉