Mother’s Day laughing all the Way

Had a fun day today. Started out with some lovely flowers and cards

Yes that’s a glass full of alcohol on the lady’s face

And a flower that changes colour when floating on water

Then things got interesting when we pulled out the card game ”That’s What She Said”. If any of you have seen The Office, yes it’s just as dirty and funny!

Easter Eggs

Bri and I decided to do eggs today. The egg dye was not that great but we made do. First up is mine:

Brianna is next:

If you can guess them all you win! 😜

Covid >:(

Well I figured it would happen sometime since it is so easily spread but was hoping it wouldn’t. Covid has hit our house. Last Monday Zach was complaining of a sore throat. Nothing to major. Evening came and it was getting worse. I told him to call in sick, thinking he had caught his sister’s cold she had the week before. Tuesday came and he was a hurting machine. I started feeling the same way but mild symptoms. Headache, sore throat, ear pressure, joint aches, nausea. We both took a test and he tested positive

So we stayed home. He stayed in his room. I continued to have mild symptoms but negative tests.

Finally on the night of day 4 I started having stronger symptoms. Woke up and sounded like I swallowed a frog. Tested myself day 5 and it came back as a faint positive, meaning my viral load was weak but there.

Thoroughly annoyed, but what can I do at this point.

Smurfing blue!

Before anybody berates me it was Bri that mentioned the smurf. 🙄 Anyway we went to our favourite hairdresser and refreshed her blue hair colour. Tried a different brand this time and wowwee what a blue!

Pool!! 🏊‍♀️

With all the hot weather lately I decided to get a little pool to cool down in. Yesterday we set it up

Today was the inaugural swim….🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

Weather is warm but clouds and some rain decided to 💩 on our parade 🤬

Hopefully tomorrow it will be a bit warmer 😁

Yesterday’s Birthday the big 1-3!!!

Birthday celebrations began with dinner (Subway) with grandpa, opening of cards then birthday cake. Newt Scamander’s briefcase, wand, Picket the Bowtruckle and a Niffler trying to escape 😁

Funny thing about the cake, the candles blew out because of the wind except for one 🤦‍♀️