Busy Sunday

Talk about a day that was full. Too full. Now we have to go back to work!

The most important thing happened early: Tammy found out how to get access to our immunization cards from the AHS. All of our cards, including Ian! That is the best news, because we didn’t know if/how we would get his. Miranda has a learner’s license and so has a verified My Alberta Digital ID like Tammy and I do, but Ian doesn’t. But when Tammy showed me her phone triumphantly this morning showing Ian’s card, I yelled “Print it! Print it!” 😁

The next step was ordering a laminating machine, of course. And thanks to our modern world, it arrived just after dinner. Now I have Ian’s card and my card in my wallet, all ready for our trip to BC.

Tammy laminating our set of cards

Paling beside that is the fact that I had a great club ride this morning. The only complication there was that it was the Calgary Marathon today, and the route went through Bowness, right in front of Bow Cycle. It made it a little tricky for our groups to get in and out, but we managed.

Me with my “biker” buddies: Ignacio, Phil, Liz, me, Todd, Hannah and Lee. Wing took the picture.

And lastly, another Amazon package arrived tonight: a set of wireless microphones. Yes, we have reached the “karaoke” point of the pandemic, folks. It’s a sad state of affairs. 😂

New wireless mics, plugged into my Roland keyboard amp and fed by the Apple TV

Tammy, Ian and I had some fun with that this evening. Well, Tammy and I had more fun, I think. Ian’s voice kept breaking. It was funny.

Alongside all of that,

  • Tammy went grocery shopping
  • Tammy did some preparation for a talk she will be giving next month for ATESL
  • I did some programming on my “BookFramer” app (more on that later).
  • And Miranda’s at work. That’s why she missed out on karaoke.

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