Christmas Lights are Up

Ian and I put up the outside Christmas lights this afternoon. It was about four degrees outside, so not too bad.

Can you spot Tammy in the window?

The funny thing was that it was only this week that I realized that I hadn’t done it yet. I was talking to dad earlier this week and he was telling me that he’d put his lights up outside on his balcony. It hit me like a ton of bricks: it wasn’t that I’d thought about it and put it off, I literally hadn’t thought about it. I think the reason is that the weather went from unseasonably warm to snow in the course of a week, and then deep-freeze, that we’ve popped out of now. Add how busy it’s been at work, and it was a perfect storm.

But we did it today. The weather behaved, and while there was still snow on the roof, it was clear enough to even put the lights up at the top of the house. And I didn’t fall off the roof.


Miranda Made Crack

No, she’s not breaking bad, it’s a recipe that she found in this humorous TikTok/YouTube Shorts channel.

It’s a layer of saltines with melted sugar poured over top and then melted chocolate. When it sets up, it’s an amazing crunchy, chewy, sweet confection.

The video is funny.

Moose Patrol

You never know what you’re going to find when the cat’s acting all squirrelly and you look out the window.

A mother moose and her two calves in tow is how I interpret it. Why they decided to visit our street and graze a bit in Dusty’s front garden is a mystery.

Ian’s Sick

What started as a tickle in his throat Wednesday night turned into fever and chills Thursday and has continued today with nausea added to the party. When his temperature hit 40.1 tonight (104 Fahrenheit) we called 811 to talk to a nurse. We’re supposed to keep an eye on him, watching for shivering, abdominal pain and other things but for the moment it’s Advil and a humidifier in his room.

The nurse said it sounds like COVID, even if the rapid tests are coming back negative. We’re supposed to test him again tomorrow morning.


Ian remains COVID-negative today (Sunday). Yesterday he seemed quite a bit better and his fever came down. I’d say he’s out of the woods but there’s more recovery to happen yet.

Inktober 2022 : Poetry

This year’s Inktober was based on poetry. Of the poets I have on my shelf, I created a wheel of names that I spun once a day. Upon determining a poet for the day, I would then select a poem by them to draw a picture for. Each drawing and quotation are in a 3×3 inch square.

Complete Poet/Poem List:

  1. John Keats : When I have fears that I may cease to be
  2. Walt Whitman : One Hour To Madness And Joy
  3. Sylvia Plath : The Night Dances
  4. Percy Bysshe Shelley : Love’s Philosophy
  5. Amanda Lovelace : untitled from break your glass slippers
  6. John Donne : The Damp
  7. Till Lindemann : No Heart
  8. WB Yeats : He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven
  9. Nikita Gill : The Moon Goddess
  10. Edward Lear : Cold are the Crabs
  11. Oscar Wilde : Vita Nuova
  12. Emily Dickinson : untitled
  13. Tolkien : Frodo’s Lament for Gandalf
  14. Elizabeth Barrett Browning : Patience Taught by Nature)
  15. Edgar Allan Poe : The Raven
  16. Lord Byron : Part 3 of Lines Inscribed Upon a Cup Formed from a Skull
  17. William Wordsworth : To H.C.
  18. Percy Bysshe Shelley : The Devil’s Walk
  19. William Wordsworth : The fairest, brightest, hues of ether fade
  20. Edward Lear : The Owl and the Pussy-cat
  21. Sylvia Plath : Poppies in July
  22. Oscar Wilde : Humanitid
  23. Dave Matthews Band : Grey Street
  24. Walt Whitman : The Wound-Dresser, section 2
  25. Edgar Allan Poe : Ulalume
  26. John Donne : The Extirpation
  27. WB Yeats : The Coming of Wisdom with Time
  28. Elizabeth Barrett Browning : Grief
  29. Lord Byron : She Walks in Beauty, part 1
  30. John Keats : To-
  31. Emily Dickinson : untitled

All of the lil Inktobers

Happy Halloween 2022

It’s another quiet evening. Right now (8:30ish) the count is sitting at 20 kids. It’s quiet enough that I decided to make a chart.

I would say that there are two “normals” here: around 50-60 from 2013 to 2017 and around 20 to 25 now. Not sure of the explanation, but the data seems to support it. 🤓 And then I considered making a second chart.


Our pumpkins this year were courtesy of the kids. Here they are making their masterpieces.

They looked great outside on the step.

Miranda cut out some paper bats and put them in the front window, and we lit it up with Ian’s Ikea lamp with an orange shade. Orange tissue paper is giving our lights the right flavour.

Happy Halloween, everyone! 🦇👻🎃

Off to Vancouver

I am travelling for work for the first time since February 2020 and flying for the first time since July 2019!

The cause of the trip goes way back to the beginning of the pandemic. At the time, I had a return ticket on WestJet to Palm Springs to attend the 2020 Esri Developer Summit. That got cancelled, of course. I had a credit on my WestJet account that got extended for an extra year, but it was going to expire this spring. My boss, Kjetil, suggested that the Western Canadian people on the Core Technology team could meet in Vancouver in late October, so I bought a ticket a long time ago. Now late October is here.

It’s just a short trip. I’m traveling there today and coming back tomorrow. I’ve only packed my backpack, no suitcase. Wish me luck. 🚫🦠😷

Updated Friday

I’m back and in one piece. Compared to the horror stories from YYZ (Toronto Pearson), this was likely the most relaxing travel I’ve experienced in decades. The overall number of people in the airports (YYC and YVR) was much less, and I sailed through security and could move around or find a place to sit without being close to others. I followed the recommendations to be at the airport extra early, and I had some long waits, but comfortable. I took the Canada Line Skytrain from YVR to Waterfront in both directions, and that was just fine, too.

The only interesting meals out were both at Preston’s, the restaurant in the same hotel that we were staying at (Coast Coal Harbour). Dinner was Wednesday night with the team (Kjetil, Harold, Chris M., Andrea, Jim C. and Steven) and breakfast was Thursday morning with Kjetil and Steven). I could feel Tammy watching over my shoulder when ordering, so I think I got the interesting dishes that she would have ordered.

The weather in Vancouver was rainy, so there wasn’t much of an opportunity to wander around and be a tourist.

I wore my N95 mask on the plane, so I hope that I won’t come down with anything.

Two Nights Out in One Week

My friend Kerri, who is attending post-secondary in Edmonton, has been back in town periodically for medical appointments over the past month. As I had tickets booked for a theatre production at the Arts Commons last Friday, I invited them to join me. Made a lot of sense as the production was an LGBTQ comedy piece and Kerri (they/them) is going into theatre production. The play was called “Gender? I hardly Know Them” and was written by a small group of people who grew up in rural Alberta and was produced by DownstageYYC. It was an hour long and comprised of numerous back to back skits that were absolutely hilarious and relatable. On the way home after the show, Kerri was searching up drag shows in the area and found one that we could go to the following week (yesterday).

The drag show was based on the movie Hocus Pocus and was at a gay bar not far from one of the train stations downtown. Unfortunately, a few hours before the show they had to cancel due to a migraine. As it was within 24 hours the tickets couldn’t be cancelled so tickets were transferred and I went with my mom. It started to rain a bit on the way there and was full on raining after it was finished but it was a good time. The show was focused on the Sanderson sisters and featured music from Hocus Pocus, other halloween movies/plays, and other modern media including Frozen 2. Although I was sad that I couldn’t go with Kerri, I still enjoyed the show and there are plans for us to attend another event in the future. Mom got the specialty drink of the night: a Cherry Bakewell. It was cherry whiskey, amaretto, lime juice, and lemonade. It was very good, mom highly recommends it. We also managed to get chairs and a table but it was very busy and we ended up standing on our chairs in the back to see which yielded a great view.

Cherry Bakewell

Video 1

Video 2