Happy 17th Birthday, Miranda

It’s the New Year, and that means it’s time for the Miranda & Stephanie double-New-Years-baby birthday extravaganza. Seriously, I’d like to see the statistics on the number of families with more than one New Years’ baby.

It got rolling as per usual on New Years’ Eve. We had our traditional appetizers meal along with playing some Minecraft and watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Nailed It! Then it was music trivia (name that song-style stuff) until midnight. Not exactly shake-the-walls stuff, but we had fun.

Next day was a bit of a slow start. I wasn’t feeling that well (I didn’t have much to drink, I swear!) so watching Miyazaki movies all day was welcome.

But first was opening cards and presents at breakfast.

Then we kicked off the movie marathon. The movies were, in order:

We finished the last one about 9:30. In between, we went and got Japanese food for lunch and our sea-themed decorated mini-cheesecakes “birthday cake”.

We also got to have FaceTime calls with Grandpa and with Stephanie and her family, too. Brianna was calling the shots there, with everyone watching a Harry Potter movie marathon. They were only at the Chamber of Secrets when we called. I wonder how they made out?

Happy Birthday! 🎂

2 thoughts on “Happy 17th Birthday, Miranda

  1. Actually I called the Harry Potter marathon 🙂 Didn’t get very far. Had interruptions throughout the day and played some PS3 games family style

  2. Neat Birthday cake!!!!!! Some selection of movies you watched, looks like you had a fun day…Happy Birthday again love Grandpa.

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