Happy 48th Birthday Simon

Today is Simon’s 48th birthday, but he had to work instead of spending the day cycling. It was the annual Tech Trek just online this year, so he couldn’t skive off. To give him the luxury resort feel, he was given a basket of assorted mini-muffins and then a meat and cheese plate.
He started the day with a 48km ride on his rollers followed by a special breakfast. I made an all-dressed bagel topped with a savoury cream cheese concoction, basil, red onion, cucumber slices, prosciutto, a poached egg, and chives. The side was a selection of fresh fruit and a glass of OJ. (We won’t mention the coffee – it wasn’t a hit, so we’ll not get that brand again.)
I grilled some salmon for supper with a green salad and garlic toast. His chosen birthday meal was last night – pizza from Mitillini’s. The pièce de resistance was the mega-chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream. It truly channeled the Chocolate Passion cake that white Spot used to sell years ago.
He also opened his prezzies after supper. He got a new beard trimmer extraordinaire, some rainbow sparkly handle bar tape, a roll of Cricuit rainbow sparkly vinyl, a T-shirt (when it gets shipped), an app for his iPad, and Diablo III for xbox.
Despite it being a work day and everything having to wait until after work, it all went well.
Happy Birthday my darling. 💚

4 thoughts on “Happy 48th Birthday Simon

  1. Could do with a chunk of that cake!!!!! Everything looks great.Happy Birthday Love Dad.

  2. Good weather, good food and a MEGA chocolate birthday cake…a super duper day!

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