Last Ice Cream Ride of the Season

And it was a special one: Miranda was at the ice cream shop.

I led out the “Spicy B” group and warned them there would be lots of hills. 😈 I had ridden parts of the route before, but never the whole thing so it was new to me too.

Yours truly and my group: Mark, Ron, Lee, Brenda, Rick, Richard, Phil and Jarek

We got to Abbey’s just before 8. We were the first group to arrive. I was surprised that Miranda was the only one behind the counter, but another girl (Sienna?) showed up. She was on break. As more and more groups of cyclists showed up, the line grew out the door. Eventually Abbey herself and another fellow showed up so that there were four working and then the line moved well.

Miranda holding the fort

We ended up being quite a crowd.

And earlier in the evening, Tammy and Ian went to Abbey’s and got some milkshakes. Tammy took this picture as Miranda made their shakes.

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