Miranda’s Registered for Courses

Exciting times! Miranda has signed up for her first year’s courses at the University of Calgary.

On one hand, it’s nice to see that the registration technology is so much more advanced than when Tammy and I did it at UVic: a paper course catalog and using a touch-tone phone to find out that the course you want is waitlisted wasn’t fun.

On the other, some things don’t change… like finding the course you want is waitlisted or otherwise won’t work in your schedule. Funny, I seem to recall Tammy telling Miranda to have alternates for her courses lined up. 🙄

In other news, I am missing skin on my hands this morning from taking off the tires on my Roubaix, replacing the sealant and putting them back on again. What a painful, thankless job that was.

And thanks to her Mother’s Day card, Tammy now has a nice set of Murphy cutouts on her monitor.

It started as a joke: I made her a card with the Cricut, and the resulting cutout was so nice that I stuck it to her monitor. The subsequent cards have joined the first…

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