My Week In “Solitary Confinement”

So as you all know, my school was shut down because of various Covid cases. Only two days after we started online learning, a student in my class was diagnosed with Covid-19, and I was in close-contact. The result of this was that for my own, and my family’s safety, I was, and still am essentially locked in my room. I wasn’t really expecting how it was going to go, but after just one day, it was pretty boring. Nothing to do, but to sit in my comfy chair and do homework and watch movies when I was not in school. I couldn’t leave my room and venture the house, I couldn’t give Murphy pats, I couldn’t workout in the Bonus Room like normal.

The most annoying factor about staying in my room was that I had not a lot of space to workout like in the Bonus Room like I mentioned earlier. Of course, I had to workout, either I wanted to or not, so I had to adapt to this small, crammed environment. And because of the fact I have been staying in my room for the past week, my muscles are a lot weaker.

Another thing that wasn’t bad, but then again not good, was when we were watching a movie on Friday like normal, we used an extension called Teleparty, which allows a group of people to watch a movie synchronized in real time, allowing you and others to watch a movie while online. We watched Kung-Fu Panda and it obviously wasn’t the same experience as normal, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

So, once you get to this part, you would have assumed that my experience was total crap, well, it wasn’t all bad. Actually, some moments through my journey have been good, too.

Since I had a lot of time to myself, I was able to practice Cubing with a Rubik’s cube. I have, already solved it many times, even in under a minute, but some of my most recent solves (with a modified algorithm) have been unprecedented in my expectations. I solved the Rubik’s cube with a website called Ruwix SpeedCube Timer. I solved over 20 times over the course of the past week, and I got some very lucky solves.

Best yet!

As You know I occasionally make videos, I shot a video of me solving a cube in 1:01.

I also have been playing Minecraft with Josh, and playing a mobile flight simulator called X-Plane. Thos three moments have been the segments that I have enjoyed the most.

So, in conclusion, I have had a rough week in my room all the time, But some of it was also fun. As of posting this, I got my Covid testing yesterday. I hope I get negative, which will mean I will be able to leave my room and return to a normal lifestyle.

The End.

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  1. Hi Ian was wondering what the heck you were doing in lock up. Thanks for your post. Hope you get out soon!!!

  2. Nice write up! I would be a day doing the rubiks cube,Maybe longer!! Your dad informed that your tests has come back negative..Slowly back to some kind of normal…Love Grandpa…

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