Negative, Captain.

On Friday Miranda’s school handed out the first COVID-19 rapid antigen test kits to each student. There was no word on whether they’ll get a second one or when. In fact, the amount of information was slim. Her homeroom teacher recommended they test themselves twice a week. They also got masks, but not the N95 variety. We’re still waiting on Ian’s school to send him home with a kit and masks.
Today we decided to do a test on each of them since they are going to be the likely vectors of the disease by being on-site at school. I read the instruction card yesterday and the video today. Miranda was first. I was a little nervous because she has a tendency to sneeze when anything touches her nose. We managed to get through her first nostril before she started sneezing and then she managed to hold off with the second nostril until I was removing it. (She sneezed as it was being removed and nearly shot it out of my hand.) 🤣 While we waited the requisite 15 minutes, I swabbed Ian. He wasn’t as bad, but he did have a sneeze at the end.
The results: both negative. Yay! We will test them again on Wednesday.

Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Test 4
Test 5
Test 6
Test 7
Test 8
Test 9 + Tammy
Test 10
Test 11
Ian 12
Ian 13
Test 12 M, 14 Ian
Group Testing
Test 16 Ian, Simon 3

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