New Chair

After I fixed my old chair, it lasted another nineteen months. Truly, I fixed it twice more but today Ian yanked on the back a little too roughly when vacuuming downstairs. The bailing wire and spit holding it together failed and there wasn’t enough remaining to fix it again.

I did a bit of research, and figured that I would look at the chairs at Source Office Furniture. It’s not the cheapest way to get a chair, but they were reasonable and had a few different types of chair available.

I settled on the Coolmesh Pro High-Back Executive chair with the optional headrest. I was skeptical of the headrest, but after trying it out I liked it. The new one is considerably cheaper than what I paid back in 1996: about $400 compared to $600 back in 1996. That’s $1,062 in today’s dollars.

It’s a lot more comfortable than the old chair. In truth, I’d been considering replacing it, especially with the back issues that I had in December. Nevertheless, I’m sorry to see the old chair go.

We’ll see if this one lasts 25 years like the old one.

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