New Christmas Lights

This is a once-every-other-decade event: new Christmas lights. Way back when, Evan bought a big order of LED Christmas lights (white, green and red). They lasted well, but the move to Calgary was well-timed: we reduced from needing five strands to only three to decorate our smaller house. So remaining lights were concentrated.

I was in Home Depot to get the fan timers, and noticed they had their Christmas decorations for sale. Long story short: I thought I was buying more screw-in LED bulbs, but I wasn’t. Turned out they were different. And in for a penny, in for a pound, I got Tammy to pick up some more boxes yesterday after dropping Miranda at work.

Today, Ian and I put them up. Totally new clips for attaching to the gutter. Multicoloured. I think they look nice.

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