Not Sure What to Think

Most of today, I’ve been trying to make heads or tails of yesterday’s declaration of a state of emergency in Alberta due to COVID. The government has gone from “no restrictions” to “state of emergency”. No pumping the brakes along the way, just full gas to pulling on the e-brake. Part of me wants to yell “I told you so!” really loud at the UCP and anti-vaxxers (I have to get in line behind basically all the doctors, nurses and business owners), but that’s like one passenger yelling at others on the Titanic. The fact remains that despite the measures, the long lead times of COVID mean that the health care system here is about 10 days away from failure. The expert on the radio this morning gave the advice: “Don’t get sick or in a traffic accident or hurt yourself in the next couple of days, because you might not be able to get help.”

The bright spot is that we will finally have vaccination status cards. The downside is that we don’t know yet if we can get one for Ian. I guess we’ll learn more as time goes on.

The new rules are inscrutable, but then we haven’t exactly been whooping it up as part of the best summer ever. Might be why we’re still all healthy.

1 thought on “Not Sure What to Think

  1. We couldn’t believe the government flip flop. We read on social media someone is bringing a law suit against Jason Kenney I believe it is for negligence in handling the pandemic.

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