Ride to Canmore

With the delayed start of the BCC riding season and the end of the winter Zwifting season, I’ve been at a bit of a loose end. The weather hasn’t been cooperating, or my schedule hasn’t. Today I chose to change that.

With Tammy’s assistance, I did a ride that I’ve never done before: riding from Calgary to Canmore.

I didn’t think I could ride there and back, so Tammy agreed to drive to Canmore to pick me up at the Visitor Information Centre.

I followed the secondary highway 1A all the way from Tuscany to Canmore. There were parts without a shoulder, but there was so little traffic and what there was was very considerate and gave me space. The most stressful riding was the last couple of kilometers in Canmore. I thought small-town drivers would be laid back.

The scenery along my route was much nicer than on the Trans-Canada.

It was successful, even if I had to fight a headwind most of the way (and it’s uphill). I would ride that route again sometime.

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